How long will my artwork take to be framed?

If possible we will try to frame your artwork to suit your timeframe; if the moulding and mount are in stock then we may even be able to complete the job on the same day. However, as a rule of thumb we usually estimate around 7 to 10 days for completion in order to allow sufficient time for the delivery of mouldings and mounts that are not stocked in the store.

Can you give me an accurate quote before I decide to have something framed?

In order to obtain an accurate quote clients are advised to bring their artwork to one of our stores for a free consultation. Here one of the framers or assistants will help customers pick the best frame and mount for their picture. Various styles and materials will affect the price of each framing job so we recommend bringing in your pieces for an accurate quote. Alternatively, for an free estimate customers can contact us by e-mail, Facebook or by phone on 0141-885-0444 (Renfrew) and 01505-327-272 (Johnstone)

Is there parking near your stores?

Yes. For our both our stores there is a free car park approximately a 2-minute walk away from the store. Also, street parking is available but there are time restrictions. Should you need assistance carrying work to and from your vehicle we are happy to assist.

Will my frame be ready to hang when it is finished?

Yes. You will receive your frame with the appropriate fixings for hanging on the back. There are many types of fixings that can be used for hanging but this is discussed during the consultation.

What can I get framed?

Over the years, we have framed an array of things. Besides paper art, we frame paintings on canvas, needlework, 3D objects (such as sports shirts, christening gowns, shells, tools, fossils, plates, even TVs). In addition to this, size is not a problem as in the past we have framed pieces that have required rental vans for delivery.

How can I be assured that my artwork is safe in your workshop during the process?

From the moment you leave your artwork with us it is appropriately stored in order to protect it. Each piece is catered for individually; acid free tubes, robust plastic folders or in enclosed shelving that is adequately spaced and sized. The machines used to create your frame are regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure that your artwork is kept safe during the process. Finally for piece of mind, all of our stores are fully insured.

How long will it take?

7-10 days, we try and accommodate all time-frames, even same-day if we have the frames in-stock.


If you have a specific question call us on 0141 885 04444 or contact us